Mark Janssen

Dino's bestaan niet

This spectacular picture book plays with ingredients that have a universal appeal: perception, children’s imagination and dinosaurs. Two boys, Tim and Jesse, boldly go in search of a giant dinosaur — but all Jesse finds is big tree trunks, jagged ravines and bushy hills.

Or so he thinks. But Tim knows better, as does the reader, who is able to zoom out and even open up the pages to reveal amazing panoramas. The landscape is actually made up of giant dinosaurs.

Mark Janssen has an eye for both detail and grand scale, incorporating such depth into his pictures that the dinosaurs are very much present while still remaining hidden. This allows the book to prompt some exciting and scary questions: Are we really seeing what we think we’re seeing? Or are we just imagining it?

Dinosaurs Don’t Exist forces you to look carefully, and yet the book also has the ability to stun you in one fell swoop: wow.


Janssen’s ‘glowing’ use of colour is phenomenal and stands out beautifully on the many fold-out pages.


Mark Janssen

Mark Janssen (b. 1974) has illustrated around 450 books for Dutch, Belgian and Chinese publishers. In 2016, he created his own first picture book. Many of his books have already found their way abroad and have been translated into multiple languages.

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Dino's bestaan niet (2017). Kinder- en jeugdboeken, 22 pagina's.


Mark Janssen

Age: 4+
335 x 250 mm

Thema's: prentenboek



Vijverlaan 48
NL - 3062 HL Rotterdam
The Netherlands
Tel: +31 10 206 29 29
Fax: +31 10 414 15 60

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