Joukje Akveld en Martijn van der Linden

Van wie is die staart?

The idea is simple, in this fourth part of a series by Joukje Akveld. It’s a book with the same question on each page: which of the four animals on the right owns the tail on the left? You find out the answer by turning the page.

The details added by artist Martijn van der Linden raise this book above its concept: the dolphin has three handbags, the crocodile a flowery rucksack, the penguin is on a bike and towing a canoe full of books. Why? It doesn’t matter. Van der Linden has drawn it all in his own realistic style, with accurate anatomy and settings to match the animals. The absurd accessories offer a wonderful contrast to the perfect logic of the tail owners.

A toddlers’ book full of fun.

Edward van de Vendel

This fourth part is the best and most surprising in the series, thanks to Van der Linden: he has added a healthy dose of absurdism to his illustrations.


Joukje Akveld

Joukje Akveld (b. 1974) is a writer and journalist and lives in South Africa. She writes picture books and non-fiction about animals and the human–wildlife conflict, such as Een aap op de wc (2015) and Wij waren hier eerst (2017), both of which won Zilveren Griffel awards. Akveld’s style is…

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Van wie is die staart? (2017). Kinder- en jeugdboeken, 32 pagina's.


Martijn van der Linden

Age: 1+
176 x 176 mm

Thema's: prentenboek



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The Netherlands
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