Maranke Rinck en Martijn van der Linden


An inventive picture book that brings to life the famous Memory match-the-pairs game.

The Other Rabbit opens with a double-page spread of match-the-pairs cards. Only one of the cards is turned over to show a picture.

A rabbit. “Rabbit is looking for the other rabbit,” it says. On the next double spread, a second card has been turned over to reveal a red plane. “But he finds a plane.” Then we dive into the world of the game and we see Rabbit in the red plane, looking for his match.

Maranke Rinck tells the story of this search almost as a child might have imagined it during a game of Memory: packed with absurd twists and turns, kings, dragons, planes, cars and boats, all of which have an identical double out there somewhere. Plenty of white on the pages combines with the fresh use of colour to make the illustrations crisp and clear. The removable match-the-pairs cards inside the back cover complete this innovative book.

A clever combination of repetition and variation. A simple idea, developed in a bold and drily humorous way.

Maranke Rinck

Maranke Rinck (b. 1976) studied a number of different subjects before graduating in social studies and going on to educate primary-school teachers. She also writes stories. Meisjes om te zoenen and Het prinsenkind, written for the illustrations of Martijn van der Linden, are her first published…

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Memorykonijn (2015). Kinder- en jeugdboeken, 51 pagina's.


Martijn van der Linden

Age: 4+
250 x 250 mm

Thema's: prentenboek



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The Netherlands
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