Arnon Grunberg en Hanco Kolk

Van Istanbul naar Bagdad

In 2010 author Arnon Grunberg travelled by car through the Middle East and wrote a series of articles for NRC. On the basis of these reports, photographs and Grunberg’s blog pieces, Kolk created the graphic novel Van Istanbul naar Bagdad, a road movie in pen and paper.

The colouring is extremely functional and the layout is occasionally symbolic: some drawings are framed with barbed wire. As a narrative thread within this fragmentary material, Kolk concentrates on the difficult relationship between the writer and his interpreter, but he also does something that is possible only in fiction: he brings back to life a girl who died in the poison gas attack on the Iraqi city of Halabja in 1988 as an imaginary interlocutor for Grunberg: “I can create a small monument for her.” This is a book that narrows the gap between comics and literature.

Arnon Grunberg lends himself as a comic-book character just as well as Woody Allen. Kolk’s caricature of him is beautiful.

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Van Istanbul naar Bagdad


Arnon Grunberg

Arnon Grunberg (1971) maakte zijn debuut op 23 jarige leeftijd met de roman Blauwe maandagen (1994) waarin hij de wereld van de prostitutie met wrange humor omschrijft. Het boek was meteen een succes. De twee romans die daar op volgden, Figuranten (1997) en Fantoompijn (2000), bevestigden voor…

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Hanco Kolk

Hanco Kolk (b. 1957) has created a diverse body of work, achieving success in both mainstream comics and the graphic novel. His first comic strips appeared in underground magazines in the 1970s. He worked with Peter de Wit to produce the popular strip Gilles de Geus (published in English as Bryant

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Van Istanbul naar Bagdad (2010). Fictie, 124 pagina's.

240 x 170 mm

Thema's: beeldverhaal



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