Podium Party

22 June 2012 - Ronelda S. Kamfer

My experience with the literary scene is that of one gigantic bore, writers come to events to sell their books to other writers, they drink too much wine and that makes them whine. They discuss their latest projects and admire each other. That is what I thought until I attended the Podium 15th celebrations. My publisher Joost Nijsen, invited some of his writers and we all read from our works. I brought my nine month old and she sat quietly with my husband in the dark night club inside the Trouw building.

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Dutch stairs

5 June 2012 - Ronelda S. Kamfer

We climb up the stairs and the first thing I notice is the large, framed photo of Andy Warhol in a supermarket with a shopping trolley full of All American consumer products. My first thought is, oh, so this is that kind of place. What kind of place I mean isn’t immediately clear to me. And at present I’m too exhausted to care, so I file the thought away somewhere in my brain, like a letter back in its envelope to be read later. Right this moment I’m too busy climbing the staircase that’s making me feel like Judy on the bell tower in Hitchcock’s Vertigo. Someone reassures me that it’s a typical Dutch staircase. It’s typically Dutch to have stairs that are as narrow as the road to heaven and as dangerously spiraling as the one to hell.

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Ronelda S. Kamfer

Ronelda S. Kamfer (Cape Town, 1981) is one of the most exciting young South African poets at present. She was born and raised in Cape Town. She started writing as a teenager. Her poems have been published in a number of publications and she debuted in 2008 with Noudat slapende honde (Now That Sleeping Dogs) at Kwela publishers. 2009 she was awarded the Eugene Marais prize for the collection. She lists her influences as Charles Bukowski, Dylan Thomas, Antjie Krog and Adam Small. She is currently a student at The University of the Western Cape under Prof Antjie Krog.