Frederik van Eeden

The deeps of deliverance

Although Frederik van Eeden wrote poetry, plays, scientific studies and essays on literature and painting, he is chiefly remembered as a novelist. Among his voluminous epic work it is specifically Van de koelen meren des doods (‘The Deeps of Deliverance’) on which his reputation rests. He himself considered it a synthesis of all his main themes, and stated that the work described: ‘the simple, classical movements of a woman’s life, tested to the utmost by melancholy, sin, sensuality, and yet with the triumph of death over death.’


Translation of: Van de koele meren des doods
Year of publishing: 1902
Publisher: Fisher Unwin; London


Margaret Robinson






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Frederik van Eeden

Frederik van Eeden (1860-1932) was one of the best-known psychiatrists in the Netherlands around the turn of the century. During his years of study in Amsterdam he developed an aversion to the one-sided emphasis on the natural sciences in his field and in 1885, the year that he took his finals in…

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