Frank Westerman

Choke Valley

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Fik Meijer


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Roelof van Gelder

To Paradise on Earth

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Louise O. Fresco

Hamburgers in Paradise

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Laura Starink

German Roots

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Jan Brokken

The Reprisal

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Peter Westbroek

Discovering the Earth

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Maxim Februari

The Making of a Man

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Ranne Hovius

The Loneliness of Insanity

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Douwe Draaisma

The Dream Weaver

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Quality Non-Fiction from Holland Autumn 2013

In case of problems with downloading the pdf, try right-clicking the download link or use this alternative download link

Quality Non-Fiction from Holland is published by the Dutch Foundation for Literature. The bulletin is distributed free of charge to foreign publishers and editors. If you would like to receive Quality Non-Fiction from Holland please contact the editorial office.


Quality-non-fiction-2013 (Pdf file)