Frederik van Eeden

The Deeps of Deliverance

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Willem Frederik Hermans

The Darkroom of Damocles

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Frank Martinus Arion

Double Play

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Hella S. Haasse

Eye of the Key

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Peter Buwalda

Bonita Avenue

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Margriet de Moor

The Painter and the Girl

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Arnon Grunberg

The Man without Illness

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Harry Mulisch

Criminal Case 40/61

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Geert Mak

Amsterdam: A Brief Life of the City

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Govert Schilling

The Hunt for Planet X

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Abram de Swaan

Words of the World

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Piet Vroon

Smell: The Secret Seducer

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Dick Swaab

We Are Our Brains

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Jelto Drenth

The Origin of the World

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Midas Dekkers

Physical Exercise

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Laurentien van Oranje

Sieb Posthuma

Mr Finney and the World Turned Upside-down

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Toon Tellegen

Annemarie van Haeringen

Wat dansen we heerlijk

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Bibi Dumon Tak

Martijn van der Linden

Winter Animals

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Isabel Hoving

The dream merchant

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Panorama Holanda 2 (Brasil)

Panorama Holland is published by the Dutch Foundation for Literature.


Panorama-holanda-brasil-2013 (Pdf file)