Cees Fasseur

Wilhelmina: Queen Pretty Face

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Oskar Verkaaik

Sayyid Pakistani and the Wedding of the Dead

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Ton Lemaire

With Open Senses: Nature, landscape, earth

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Ad van Liempt

A Price on Their Heads

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Frank Westerman

Engineers of the Soul

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Roelof van Gelder and Vibeke Roeper

In the Company’s Service

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Maarten Prak

The Golden Age

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Jelto Drenth

The Origin of the World

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Midas Dekkers

The Larva: On children and metamorphosis

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Abram de Swaan

Words of the World

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Quality Non-Fiction from Holland 2002

Quality Non-Fiction from Holland is published by the Dutch Foundation for Literature. The bulletin is distributed free of charge to foreign publishers and editors. If you would like to receive Quality Non-Fiction from Holland please contact the editorial office.


Qnf-2002 (Pdf file)