Roel van der Veen


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Jos de Mul

Cyberspace Odyssey

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Dick Pels

A Dandy in Politics

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Jaap Goudsmit

The Invasion of the Viruses

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Henk Wesseling

Europe’s Colonial Age

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Fik Meijer


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Menno Schilthuizen

Frogs, Flies and Dandelions

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Jacqueline van Maarsen

My Name is Anne, She Said, Anne Frank

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Gerard Aalders


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Roelof van Gelder

Naporra’s Detour

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Jona Lendering

City in Marble

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Stine Jensen

Why Women Love Apes

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Benjo Maso

We Were All Gods

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Arita Baaijens

Desert Nomads

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Quality Non-Fiction from Holland 2003

Quality Non-Fiction from Holland is published by the Dutch Foundation for Literature. The bulletin is distributed free of charge to foreign publishers and editors. If you would like to receive Quality Non-Fiction from Holland please contact the editorial office.


Qnf-2003 (Pdf file)