Tim Krabbé

We Are But We Aren’t Psycho

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Coen Simon

Waiting for Happiness

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Joep Leerssen

Hall of Mirrors

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Geert Mak

Travels Without John

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Mineke Schipper

Adam and Eve Everywhere

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Hanna Stouten

Marie Bonaparte 1882-1962

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Roelf Bolt

Liars and Forgers

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Peter Raedts

The Discovery of the Middle Ages

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Lodewijk Petram

The World’s First Stock Exchange

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Jan J. Boersema

Faces of Easter Island

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Quality Non-Fiction from Holland Autumn 2012

Deception, Desire, Shooting, Mirrors, Princess: the cover of the new Quality Non-Fiction from Holland 2012 seems to promise thrillers or romantic fiction, but it really is all about non-fiction – literary non-fiction that from time to time deliberately tests the boundary with fiction.

Tim Krabbé says of his book on the Columbine shootings: ‘I quickly realized that the subject was too interesting for a novel.’ Geert Mak follows the American author John Steinbeck on his journey through the United States, about which he wrote Travels With Charley fifty years ago. Coen Simon uses experiences from his own life in a philosophical contemplation of desire, and Roelf Bolt playfully unmasks forgers of artworks, design objects and documents of all sorts. The young historian Lodewijk Petram tells the stories of the people behind the first stock-market transactions in seventeenth-century Amsterdam, and the other authors in this brochure further demonstrate that at its best, history writing is literature.

Quality Non-Fiction from Holland 2012 presents ten titles on extremely diverse subjects, all of them distinguished by an original approach and literary style.

Quality Non-Fiction from Holland is published by the Dutch Foundation for Literature. The bulletin is distributed free of charge to foreign publishers and editors. If you would like to receive Quality Non-Fiction from Holland please contact the editorial office.


Qnf-2012-scr (Pdf file)