Koen Vergeer

Le Mans

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Geert Mak

In Europe

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Maarten Doorman

The Romantic Imperative

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Mineke Schipper

Never Marry a Woman with Big Feet

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Frank Westerman

El Negro and Me

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Mirjam Bolle

Let Me Tell You What a Day Here Is Like

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Jona Lendering

Alexander the Great

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Fik Meijer

Chariot Racing

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Tjalling Halbertsma

Steppe Country

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René van Stipriaan

The Full Life

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Quality Non-Fiction from Holland 2004

Quality Non-Fiction from Holland is published by the Dutch Foundation for Literature. The bulletin is distributed free of charge to foreign publishers and editors. If you would like to receive Quality Non-Fiction from Holland please contact the editorial office.


Qnf-2004 (Pdf file)