Hans Ibelings

European Architecture Since 1890

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Rens Bod

A New History of the Humanities

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Jelle Reumer

Homo Urbanus

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Fik Meijer

The Mediterranean Sea

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Jan Brokken

Baltic Souls

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Vincent van der Noort

Numbers Are Your Best Friends

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Floris Cohen

Isaac Newton and Scientific Certainty

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Midas Dekkers


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Salomon Kroonenberg

Why Hell Stinks of Sulphur

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Dick Swaab

We Are Our Brains

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Quality Non-Fiction from Holland Autumn 2011

Quality Non-Fiction from Holland is published by the Dutch Foundation for Literature. The bulletin is distributed free of charge to foreign publishers and editors. If you would like to receive Quality Non-Fiction from Holland please contact the editorial office.


Qnf2011-scr (Pdf file)