Erik van Os

Jan Jutte

Applause for My Finger

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Hans Hagen

Martijn van der Linden

Lightning Child

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Mohana van den Kroonenberg


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Joukje Akveld

Djenné Fila

A Small History of Humankind through the Eyes of Animals

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Linde Faas

Somewhere in the Snow

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Pim Lammers

Sarah van Dongen

I Think I Was Kidnapped

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Rima Orie

In the Cursed Heart

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Bas Haring

Maus Bullhorst

Artificial Intelligence Isn’t Scary

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Brian Elstak


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Edward van de Vendel and Anoush Elman

Annet Schaap


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Maayken Koolen

We’re Moving House Tomorrow

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Marco Kunst


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Mathilde Stein

Tuft and Fluff — The Way Home

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Marit Törnqvist

Tortoise and I

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Bibi Dumon Tak

Annemarie van Haeringen

Today I’m Going to Talk About the Anaconda

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Benny Lindelauf

Marieke Nelissen

They Had Counted Their Sheep

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Dutch Children’s Books - Spring 2023

Dutch Children’s Books is published by the Dutch Foundation for Literature. The selection of titles is made by a team of children’s book professionals.


Dutch childrens books spring 2023 (Pdf file)