Harry Mulisch

The Assault

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J. Bernlef

Out Of Mind

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Cees Nooteboom

Philip and the Others

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Astrid H. Roemer

On a Woman’s Madness

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Jeroen Brouwers

Sunken Red

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Hanny Michaelis

Wartime Diaries, 1940-1945

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August Willemsen

Brazilian Letters

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Anton de Kom

We Slaves of Suriname

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Armando and Hans Sleutelaar

The SS Men

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Renate Rubinstein

Take It or Leave It

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Tonke Dragt

The Forests of Venus

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Paul Biegel

King of the Copper Mountains

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Thea Beckman

Children of Mother Earth

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Sieb Posthuma


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Veronica Hazelhoff

Visit from Mister P

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Hans Lodeizen

The poetry of Hans Lodeizen

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Neeltje Maria Min

The poetry of Neeltje Maria Min

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Hans Faverey

The poetry of Hans Faverey

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Kees Ouwens

The poetry of Kees Ouwens

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H.H. ter Balkt

The poetry of H.H. ter Balkt

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