Margot Dijkgraaf

Rebel Voices

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Elke Wiss

Socrates in Sneakers

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Maurits de Bruijn

My Holocaust, Too

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Sinan Çankaya

My Innumerable Identities

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Murat Işık

My Mother’s Fight

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Pieter van Os

Hiding in Plain Sight

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Jelle Jolles

Get to Know Your Child

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Gerbrand Bakker

Servant, Alone

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Nadia de Vries


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Ivar Schute

Unearthing the Holocaust

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A.F. van Ravesteijn

I Was There

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Thalia Verkade

The Right of the Fastest

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Miriam Rasch


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Guida Joseph

The Connecting Thread

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Dutch Non-Fiction - Autumn 2020

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