A survey among publishers

In May 2014 the Dutch Foundation for Literature commissioned a user satisfaction survey among foreign publishers and approved translators of Dutch literature.

The survey aimed to establish the degree of familiarity with, and appreciation for, the communication, subsidies and programmes and activities of the Dutch Foundation for Literature.
In addition, the survey aimed to establish how much value respondents attached to the subsidies and activities and, more in general, how they saw the role of the Dutch Foundation for Literature in the world of (international) literature and the book industry.

The publication A survey among publishers of Dutch literature abroad presents the outcome of the survey among foreign publishers. The outcome of the survey among translators of Dutch literature is published in Dutch, with a summary in English.

The survey was carried out by independent research agency IVA Onderwijs.

Survey commissioned by The Dutch Foundation for Literature.

A survey among publishers


Letterenfonds-user-survey-publishers (Pdf file)