Arnon Grunberg

The Man without Illness

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Esther Gerritsen


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Tommy Wieringa

A Beautiful Young Woman

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Marcellus Emants

A Posthumous Confession

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Stephan Enter


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Anna Woltz

My Particularly Peculiar Week with Tess

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Toine Heijmans

At Sea

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Coen Simon

Waiting for Happiness

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Rik Smits

The Puzzle of Left-Handedness

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Jan Paul Schutten

Floor Rieder

The Mystery of Life

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Ted van Lieshout

Philip Hopman

Farmer Boris

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Roelf Bolt

Liars and Forgers

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Margriet Sitskoorn

Passions of the Brain

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Linda Groeneveld

The Ice-cream Factory

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Marente de Moor

The Dutch Maiden

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Panorama Holland 10

Panorama Holland 10 was made to support our presence at the Beijing Book Fair 2014.

Panorama Holland is published by the Dutch Foundation for Literature.


Panorama-holland-china-2014 (Pdf file)