Italian praise for Nooteboom

Enthusiastic reception for Tumbas

7 December 2015

Iperborea recently published an Italian translation of Tumbas by Cees Nooteboom. The book, in which Nooteboom travels to see the graves of poets and thinkers all over the world, has been very well received in the Italian newspapers.

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Mairisch goes Amsterdam

3 December 2015 - International, Authors and General

In February 2016, the entire team of the Hamburg-based publishing house mairisch will be moving to Amsterdam for a month. This is related to the joint guest of honour status of the Netherlands and Flanders at the Frankfurt Book Fair in October 2016.

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Jeroen Brouwers wins ECI Literature Award 2015

13 November 2015 - Awards and Authors

The ECI Literature Award 2015 has been awarded to Jeroen Brouwers for The Wood. With this award the jury honours the ‘command of the language’ on display in Brouwers’ stylistic tour de force about a young teacher’s struggle to escape a brutal boarding school regime. Weissbooks will publish a German translation (by Christiane Kuby) of the novel in the autumn of 2016.

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German literature festivals visit the Netherlands & Flanders

Preparations Frankfurt 2016

4 November 2015 - International

Eleven managing directors and program coordinators of German literature festivals will visit Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and Antwerp from 9-14 November 2015. The ‘Ehrengast’-program of Flanders & the Netherlands at the Frankfurter Buchmesse 2016 will be accompanied by an extensive programme of readings and appearances, beginning March 2016 during LitCologne festival in Cologne.

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New non-fiction specialist

30 October 2015 - International and General

As of 1 November Mireille Berman will be non-fiction specialist at the Dutch Foundation for Literature. Her task is to promote Dutch non-fiction abroad, a job performed over the past eighteen years by Maarten Valken, who has now reached retirement age.

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Impressive list of German translations in preparation

28 October 2015 - Press releases

In the run-up to the Frankfurt Book Fair 2016, where the Netherlands and Flanders will be guest of honour, an impressive list of German translations is in preparation.

Although still a year away, the Frankfurt Book Fair 2016 is already bearing fruit for the Netherlands and Flanders, which will be joint guest of honour. German publishers are planning more translations of Dutch literature next year than ever before, with some 250 titles in all genres currently in preparation.

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Libris History Prize for Alexander Münninghoff

Heir and Successor awarded

26 October 2015 - Authors

The 2015 Libris History Prize has been awarded to Alexander Münninghoff for Heir and Successor, his account of the stirring history of his family. According to the jury the award is bestowed upon a book that ‘is well written, moving and it takes you off guard’.

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Golden Slate Pencil goes to Bette Westera

Third award for ‘Dead Simple’

7 October 2015 - General and Awards

The Golden Slate Pencil (Gouden Griffel) has been awarded to Bette Westera at the opening ceremony of the Dutch Children’s Book Week. It is the first time since 20 years that this prestigious prize for children’s literature goes to a poetry book. For Dead Simple (Doodgewoon, Gottmer Publishers), written by Westera and illustrated by Sylvia Weve, it is is the third award this year. It also received the Woutertje Pieterse Prize 2015, and a ‘Zilveren Griffel’ and ‘Vlag & Wimpel’.

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Laura Watkinson and Donald Gardner awarded

Vondel Translation Prize 2015

1 October 2015 - Press releases

The jury of the Vondel Translation Prize 2015 has awarded the prize jointly to Laura Watkinson for The Letter for the King, her translation into English of De brief voor de koning by Tonke Dragt, and to Donald Gardner for In Those Days, his translation into English of a selection of poetry by Remco Campert. The jury was made up of British critic Paul Binding and translators David Colmer (Australia) and David McKay (US).

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Adriaan van Dis awarded important Dutch oeuvre award

Constantijn Huygens-prijs 2015

27 September 2015 - General and Awards

Adriaan van Dis (1946) has been awarded the Constantijn Huygens-prijs 2015, an important Dutch oeuvre award. His wide-ranging oeuvre consists of poems, novels, stories, plays, and essays.

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Vondel Translation Prize 2015


19 August 2015 - Awards and Translators

Six translators have been nominated for the Vondel Translation Prize 2015. The Vondel Translation Prize is awarded every two years by the Dutch Foundation for Literature and the Flemish Literature Fund for the best English translation of a Dutch literary novel or cultural-historical book. The winner receives the sum of €5.000.

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Dutch authors and film directors in Brazil

4 August 2015 - Press releases, Events, International, Authors and General

From 26 August through 5 September, seven Dutch authors will take part in a ten-day festival in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, organized by the Dutch Foundation for Literature and EYE International, with the theme of Dutch literature and film.

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Winner European Literature Prize

The End of Days by Jenny Erpenbeck

9 July 2015 - Awards

The European Literature Prize 2015 goes to Een handvol sneeuw (The End of Days) by Jenny Erpenbeck, translated into Dutch by Elly Schippers. This was announced today in the radio programme Opium on 4 by Margot Dijkgraaf, chairwoman of the jury. The prize awards both author and translator of the winning novel, the author receives €10.00 and the translator €5.000.

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Anna Woltz wins LUCHS-award

8 July 2015 - Awards and International

The German newsmagazine Die Zeit and Radio Bremen have awarded Anna Woltz the July LUCHS-award for her young-adult novel Meine wunderbar seltsame Woche mit Tess, translated in German by Andrea Kluitmann and published by Carlsen Verlag.

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Nomination for Belcampo film

7 July 2015 - Authors

The film version of Belcampo’s The Surprise is in the running for the Parel (Pearl) Audience Award for the best literary adaptation. Of the six films nominated, it is the only one based on the work of a Dutch-language author.

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Germany theme of the Dutch Bookweek 2016

11 June 2015 - Events, International and General

In the year in which the Netherlands and Flanders will jointly present themselves as guests of honour at the Frankfurter Buchmesse, the Dutch Boekenweek (Bookweek) aims at Germany, under the motto Was Ich nog zu sagen hätte. This was reported today by CPNB in a press release.

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Brockway Prize to Ard Posthuma

10 June 2015 - Press releases, Translators and Awards

The Brockway Prize, a biennial prize for poetry translations from the Dutch, has been awarded to Ard Posthuma. The prize was established by the Dutch Foundation for Literature and is worth 5,000 euro. It will be presented on 12 June during the Poetry International Festival in Rotterdam.

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Verse smuggle

Poesiefestival Berlin

19 May 2015 - Events, Authors and International

This year, the Poesiefestival Berlin has invited six Dutch-speaking poets from the Netherlands and Flanders to participate in the VERSschmuggel (“verse smuggle”) translation workshop.

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Wieringa and Hertmans shortlisted

Premio Strega Europeo

18 May 2015 - Authors

Tommy Wieringa’s Questi sono nomi (These are the names, translated by Claudia Di Palermo and Claudia Cozzi for Iperborea) and Stefan Hertmans’s Guerra e trementina (Oorlog en terpentijn, translated by Laura Pignatti, for Marsilio) feature both on the Premio Strega Europeo shortlist.

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Adriaan van Dis awarded Libris Literature Award

17 May 2015 - Awards

For his novel I will return Adriaan van Dis has been awarded the Libris Literature Reward, the most prestigious annual award for Dutch novels. I will return explores the relationship between a writer and his 98-year-old mother. As the always distant mother approaches the end of her life she is persuaded to open up about the hardships which plagued her life. She makes a deal with her son, she tells him her life-story and he will provide her with a peaceful death through pills.

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‘Dead Simple’ wins Woutertje Pieterse Prize

14 April 2015 - Awards

The Wouterje Pieterse Prize 2015, one of the most prestigious prizes for Dutch children’s and youth literature, has been awarded to writer Bette Westera and illustrator Sylvia Weve for Doodgewoon (‘Dead Simple’). The jury praised their unique approach to the central theme of this illustrated poetry collection: death in all its aspects.

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International Literary Translation Initiative Award

Dutch Foundation for Literature nominated

19 March 2015 - International and General

Each year the London Book Fair hands out awards in a number of categories as part of its International Excellence Awards program. We’re very proud to announce that the Dutch Foundation for Literature has made the shortlist for this year’s International Literary Translation Initiative Award.

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Deutscher Jugendliteraturpreis

Four Dutch-language titles nominated

16 March 2015 - Awards

No less than four German translations of Dutch-language children’s books are nominated for the prestigious Deutscher Jugendliteraturpreis.

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TLS praises Wieringa

6 March 2015 - International

In the February 20th edition of TLS, writer Claire Lowdon praises Tommy Wieringa’s These Are the Names, the third of his novels to be translated into English. She compares the novel favourably to Cormac McCarthy’s The Road:

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The Independent recommends Nooteboom’s Rituals

‘A foreign book we should all read’

10 February 2015 - Authors

In The Independent blogger Ann Morgan recommends Cees Nooteboom’s Rituals as one of the ten foreign books we should all read.

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Batcheler Award for Bibi Dumon Tak

5 February 2015 - Awards

Mikis and the Donkey by Dutch author Bibi Dumon Tak and illustrator Philip Hopman and translated by Laura Watkinson is the winner of the 2015 Mitchelder L. Batcheler Award. Dumon Tak, Hopman and Watkinson have the pleasure of receiving this prize - given to the most outstanding children’s book originally published in a language other than English in a country other than the United States - for the second time. Soldier Bear, published in Dutch as Soldaat Wojtek, won the 2012 Batchelder Award.

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Grants 2014

31 January 2015 - Grants awarded and General

All in 2014 awarded Translation Grants (and other grants) can be found in the annual report of the Dutch Foundation for Literature.

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Publishers Tour

Blogs & Video

28 January 2015 - Events

From January the 19th until the 23rd 10 German fiction publishers visited the Netherlands and Flanders for an extensive tour through the literature landscape of the Low Countries. During this tour the German publishers presented their publishing houses.

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Maartje Wortel wins BNG Bank Literature Prize

27 January 2015 - Awards

Last Thursday, author Maartje Wortel won the BNG Bank Literature prize. She receives the oeuvre award for young talent for her novel IJstijd.

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Geert Mak wins Gouden Ganzenveer

Non-fiction author honoured

13 January 2015 - Awards

Journalist and author Geert Mak is the recipient of the 2015 Gouden Ganzenveer (golden feather quill). The Academy honours Mak for his extraordinary engagement in both national and international history. The award will be presented to Mak on the 16th of April in Amsterdam.

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Maartje Wortel at the Van Eyck-academy

Writer in Residence in Maastricht

8 January 2015 - General

Maartje Wortel will stay as a writer in residence at the Van Eyck Academy in Maastricht for a period of two months. The writer in residence programme is a joint initiative of the Dutch Foundation for Literature and the Van Eyck Academy.

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Edgar de Bruin wins the Dutch Foundation for Literature’s Translation Prize 2015

13 December 2015 - Translators, Awards and General

On Friday 12 December 2015 Edgar de Bruin was awarded the Dutch Foundation for Literature’s Translation Prize for the translator as cultural ambassador. His oeuvre demonstrates his sharp eye for modern Czech literature; he has introduced writers including Petra Hůlová, Jáchym Topol, Patrik Ouředník and Markéta Pilatová to a Dutch readership.

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