Translation Prize for Martin de Haan

19 November 2013 - Press releases and Translators

This year’s Translation Prize of the Dutch Foundation for Literature will be awarded to Martin de Haan, literary translator from French to Dutch. The Prize, in recognition of his entire body of work as a translator will be awarded on Friday 13 December in Amsterdam.

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Prix Médicis étranger for Toine Heijmans

Op zee (At Sea) awarded

12 November 2013 - Awards

With the French translation of his novel Op zee (At Sea), Toine Heijmans has won the prestigious French literary prize ‘Prix Médicis étranger’. Heijmans is the first Dutch author ever to win the annual award, surpassing amongst others Alan Hollinghurst, Jaume Cabré and Javier Marías.

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Vondel Translation Prize to David Colmer

2 October 2013 - Press releases, Translators and Awards

The Vondel Translation Prize 2013 has been awarded to David Colmer for The Misfortunates, his translation into English of De helaasheid der dingen by Dimitri Verhulst. The jury was made up of British critic Paul Binding (Times Literary Supplement) and translators Sam Garrett and Paul Vincent.

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Schwob goes online in English

The world’s best unknown books

19 September 2013 - Press releases

The English Schwob website is being launched today as part of an ambitious project to find and promote insiders’ tips about modern European literature. Schwob presents modern classics, cult books and must-reads from that have not yet been widely translated, at

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IBBY Honour List

Three Dutch Books

5 September 2013

IBBY, the International Board on Books for Young People, has selected Ellen van Velzen’s debut novel Jonge vlieger (Young Kite Flyer), Fjouwer dappere mûskes (Four Brave Mice) by Frisian author Eppie Dam and Nul is een raar getal (Zero is a Peculiar Number) by illustrator Henriette Boerendans for the Honour List 2014. The Honour List offers a selection of quality children’s literature from more than seventy affiliated countries and will be presented at conferences and book fairs around the world.

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Director Pieter Steinz delegates tasks because of illness

7 August 2013 - Press releases

From the end of August, the director of the Dutch Foundation for Literature, Pieter Steinz, will delegate some of his tasks to his deputy Tiziano Perez.

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European Literature Prize for Limonov by Emmanuel Carrère

4 August 2013 - Press releases

The European Literature Prize 2013 goes to Limonov by Emmanuel Carrère, translated by Katelijne De Vuyst and Katrien Vandenberghe. Chairman of the jury Alexander Rinnooy Kan will present the prize to Carrère and his translators in Amsterdam on Saturday 31 August, during Manuscripta

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European Literature Prize shortlist announced

6 June 2013 - Press releases

The shortlist for the European Literature Prize 2013 has been announced during a festive evening at SPUI25 in Amsterdam. From a longlist of 21 translated titles, the jury has selected five from which the winner will be chosen. The prize will be awarded on 31 August, during the Uitmarkt in Amsterdam.

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Brockway Prize for Judith Wilkinson

4 June 2013 - Press releases

The Brockway Prize, a biannual prize for poetry translators from the Dutch, has been awarded to Judith Wilkinson. The prize, which is set up by the Dutch Foundation for Literature, consists of a sum of 5,000 euro and will be awarded on 14 June, during the Poetry International Festival in Rotterdam.

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James Krüss Prize goes to Joke van Leeuwen

New oeuvre prize for international young adult literature

14 May 2013 - Awards

The first German James Krüss Prize for children’s and young adult literature will be awarded to the writer and illustrator Joke van Leeuwen. She will receive the award for her entire oeuvre, together with two German translators of her work, Hanni Ehlers and Mirjam Pressler.

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Wieringa wins the Libris Literature Prize

7 May 2013 - Awards

Tommy Wieringa has won the prestigious Libris Literature Prize 2013 for his novel These Are the Names (De Bezige Bij). This book is highlighted in our Spring 2013-publication, 10 Books from Holland, and was partially written by Wieringa, on invitation of the Dutch Foundation for Literature, as a writer in residence at the NIAS in Wassenaar.

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Golden Owl Prize for Oek de Jong

6 May 2013 - Awards

Oek de Jong has been awarded the Golden Owl Prize 2013, which is the most important literary prize in Flanders. The prize consists of 25,000 euros and a work of art by Philip Aguirre. A panel of experts named De Jong’s novel Pier and Ocean (Atlas Contact publishers) the best Dutch literary work of the past year.

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Publishing Perspectives on Café Amsterdam

19 April 2013 - Events

The online magazine Publishing Perspectives features an article on Café Amsterdam, the City of Honor program at the Buenos Aires Book Fair: “Amsterdam is well known for its innovative and trend-setting cultural scene. Visual arts, design, music and the film-industry, all excel in this city. So does the Dutch publishing industry: in spite of catering to a so-called minor language, it counts more than 4,000 publishing houses and almost 2,000 bookstores, and it has published 45 million books in 2012. No doubt, Amsterdam is one of the most interesting cities to look at when it comes to the creation of books and catalogues.”

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Tommy Wieringa in the running for the Impac

Caesarion on shortlist with Houellebecq and Murakami

10 April 2013 - Awards

Caesarion by Tommy Wieringa is one of the ten books contending for the prestigious International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award 2013. Thanks to his shortlisted novel, Wieringa finds himself in the company of Michel Houellebecq (The Map and the Territory) and Haruki Murakami (1Q84).

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Schwob becomes an international network

4 March 2013 - Press releases

The European Union announced today that a subsidy of €200,000, the maximum, has been granted to the project to enable it to expand into an international network, a European portal for the best unknown books of world literature.

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Perquin wins VSB Poetry Prize

Holland’s most prestigious prize for poetry

31 January 2013 - Awards and Authors

Ester Naomi Perquin‘s third poetry collection titled Cell Inspections (Celinspecties) has been awarded the VSB Poetry Prize, Holland’s most prestigious prize for poetry, worth 25,000 euros. The other nominees were H.H. ter Balkt, Luuk Gruwez, Sybren Polet and Menno Wigman.

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European Literature Prize 2013 longlist announced

28 January 2013 - Press releases

Gods Without Men, Limonov and Stone Upon Stone are among the titles on the longlist for the European Literature Prize 2013, that was just announced. Thirteen independent Dutch and Flemish bookshops have selected the twenty-one best European novels published in Dutch translation last year. The prize will be presented in early September, during Manuscripta 2013, the opening event of the Dutch book season.

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Grants 2012

1 January 2013 - Grants awarded

All in 2012 awarded Translation Grants (and other grants) can be found in the Annual Report 2012 of the Dutch Foundation for Literature.

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