Angela de Vrede

Angela de Vrede (b. 1949) is a great illustrator who is very much in demand. Her talent was apparent even back in 1970 when she graduated from the City Academy for Applied Arts in Maastricht, winning the E. Hustinx prize for the best graduate. She works as an illustrator for publications including De Volkskrant (Wetenschapskatern; 1980–2000), and is also an independent artist and a much admired illustrator of non-fiction books for children.



Not just anyone can write a good, educational book for children: expert knowledge of the subject is extremely important, as is accurate presentation of the facts. The book should have an attractive appearance. The words and the pictures should complement each other. The style of the writing should be accessible, but not too didactic or too babyish. And the enthusiasm of the writer must be so infectious that the book fills the reader with curiosity and amazement. Botjes, the fourth collaborative non-fiction project by biologist Midas Dekkers and illustrator Angela de Vrede, is the ultimate example of a book that satisfies all of these criteria.

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