Marit Törnqvist

Marit Törnqvist, born in Sweden in 1964, studied illustration at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam. Törnqvist, who designed the three-dimensional journey through Astrid Lindgren’s work at the Junibacken children’s cultural centre in Stockholm, illustrates other people’s work and also creates her own books. Her Klein verhaal over liefde won a Silver Slate Pencil (Zilveren Griffel), one of the major Dutch awards. Törnqvist’s work is always most impressive, but in Pikkuhenki she surpasses herself.



Pikkuhenki, is a classic and unusual fairytale about two young heroes, Pikkuhenki and Iwan, who ‘long ago, in a land far from here’ set off into the world, where they are confronted with fear, sadness, doubt, light and darkness and, strengthened by their travels, turn safely homewards.

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