Mance Post

The affectionate linocuts and brushstrokes of Mance Post (b. 1925) have made Toon Tellegen’s unfathomable universe both unforgettable and substantial. In 2007, Post won the Max Velthuijs Prize, the new award for an illustrator’s oeuvre.

Everyone was there

Everyone was there

Toon Tellegen has been writing his philosophical animal stories since 1984, each about two pages long and unique in their kind: written in a simple, yet sparkling tone, they are hidden gems that, once discovered, exert an irresistible attraction.They tell of Squirrel, Ant, Elephant and all their fellow creatures, whose lives glide along, apparently without meaning, in an impossible biotope: in Tellegen’s forest of animals all of the creatures have the same size and strength and each is the only one of its kind. Everything and everyone lives together in harmony. Everything is possible and there are no obligations.

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