Translation workshop Literaturhaus München

16-18 April 2015

From April the 16th to 18th a workshop for ten translators Dutch-German will take place in Literaturhaus München. The programme in München is part of the preparatory process for the Frankfurter Buchmesse 2016 where the Flanders and the Netherlands will be Ehrengast.

Under direction of Hanni Ehlers and Peter Bergsma the translators will be working on short stories from Pol Hoste and A.L. Snijders. They will also translate a few chapters of Niña Weijers’ debut novel De Consequenties.

On the evening prior to the workshop, Tommy Wieringa and his translator Bettina Bach will be performing in the Literaturhaus München. The conversation will be led by critic, journalist and translator Maike Albath.

Under the heading Die neuste Entdeckung des Himmels there will be a celebratory meeting on April 17th for German publishers, editors and journalists. Jan Konst, professor in Dutch language and literature at the Freie Universität Berlin will give a lecture about the developments and crossroads in Dutch literature since 1889. Tatjana Michaelis, editor at Carl Hanser Verlag, will be talking about the extraordinary success of Dutch and Flemish authors in the German book market. The translators will pitch their favorite, yet-untranslated Dutch books.

Peter Bergsma, Reintje Gianotten and Bas Pauw from the Dutch Foundation of Literature will be attending.

Peter Bergsma


Peter Bergsma

Director Amsterdam Translators’ House

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