Bertram Koeleman invited by European Festival of the First Novel

28-31 May 2015

Bertram Koeleman (1979) and his editor have been invited for the 13th edition of the European Festival of the First Novel which will be held in Kiel (Germany) from May 28-31. Debutants from eleven European countries will present their novels to the public and partake in debates and workshops.

Parts from Koelemans debut novel De huisvriend (litérally: ‘The Housefriend’) will be translated into English, German and French for his festivalperformances. The story of De huisvriend is set in an isolated landscape in Maine, U.S.A. The novel was released in 2013 by Atlas Contact publishers, Koeleman now works - with a grant from the Dutch Foundation for Literature - on his second novel.

Maaike Pereboom


Maaike Pereboom

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