TLS praises Wieringa

6 March 2015

In the February 20th edition of TLS, writer Claire Lowdon praises Tommy Wieringa’s These Are the Names, the third of his novels to be translated into English. She compares the novel favourably to Cormac McCarthy’s The Road:

Wieringa is using similar effects to more interesting ends than McCarthy, who melodramatically simplifies his study of human life in the raw by removing it to the futuristic landscape of an unspecified post-apocalyptic world. Wieringa’s restraint is not just a stylistic choice. It fits his grand themes of identity and unknowability, of how little trace most human lives leave behind.

The novel was published by Scribe, and like Joe Speedboat and Caesarion before it, translated by Sam Garrett.

Lowdon ends her review on a high note:

Wieringa will make you think and keep you reading eagerly to the final page.

Spot on, we would like to think.

Victor Schiferli


Victor Schiferli

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