Batcheler Award for Bibi Dumon Tak

5 February 2015

Mikis and the Donkey by Dutch author Bibi Dumon Tak and illustrator Philip Hopman and translated by Laura Watkinson is the winner of the 2015 Mitchelder L. Batcheler Award. Dumon Tak, Hopman and Watkinson have the pleasure of receiving this prize - given to the most outstanding children’s book originally published in a language other than English in a country other than the United States - for the second time. Soldier Bear, published in Dutch as Soldaat Wojtek, won the 2012 Batchelder Award.

Both books by writer Bibi Dumon Tak and illustrator Philip Hopman, and translated by Laura Watkinson, are published in English by Eerdmans Books for Young Readers; the original, Dutch editions are published by Querido.

Children’s books (6+) by Bibi Dumon Tak have been translated (with the support of the Dutch Foundation) into more than ten languages, including Chinese, German, Japanese, Spanish, and off course English. Aan overview may be found in our Translators database.

There was also an honorable mention for another originally Dutch title: Nine Open Arms, by Benny Lindelauf, illustrated by Dasha Tolstikova, translated by John Nieuwenhuizen, and published by Enchanted Lion Press. With Negen open armen Lindelauf published his first novel for children (12+, Querido); translations of this novel will or have been published in Africa, Germany, France, Italy, England, Australia, U.S., Korea and the Czech Republic.

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