Selected by Eimear McBride (The Independent)

Buwalda’s Bonita Avenue debut of the year

11 December 2014

On the 4th of December The Independent published an overview of the best debuts of 2014. Bonita Avenue by Peter Buwalda was one of the novels on Eimear McBride’s list: “If I had to choose one first novel, it would be the addictive bedlam of Bonita Avenue by Dutch novelist Peter Buwalda (Pushkin, £12.99).”

McBride continues: “Siem Sigerius is an intellectual icon and patriarch of a family for whom ‘dysfunction’ seems an understatement. The twisted central twist – how Sigerius’s taste for pornography explodes close to home – is typical of Buwalda’s messy marriage of realism and chaos theory. Bonita Avenue deserves to be a book, not just a debut, of the year.” Read the article

Buwalda’s kaleidoscopic novel about a clash between generations was published in 2010 by De Bezige Bij. It has already been sold to 14 countries.