Christiane Kuby and Hans Boland awarded

Nijhoff Translation Prize

19 November 2014

Next year, The Prince Bernhard Culture Fund will celebrate its 75-year existence. Reason enough to award the Martinus Nijhoff Translation Prize 2015 twice: Christiane Kuby is awarded for her Dutch-to-German translations and Hans Boland receives the price for his translations from Russian to Dutch.

Christiane Kuby (1952, Frankfurt, Germany) has been translating Dutch literature, poetry and non-fiction since the nineties. She has created an impressive oeuvre of more than 62 titles. Besides Godenslaap by Erwin Mortier, for which she already received the Else Otten Übersetzerpreis in 2012, she translated work by Kader Abdolah, Jeroen Brouwers, Stephan Enter, Carl Friedman, Marie Kessels, Herman Koch, Tomas Lieske, Tonnus Oosterhoff, Leo Pleysier, Helga Ruebsamen, P.F. Thomése, and many others. The jury described her work in the following way:

The translations by Christiane Kuby are characterized by the fact that, without any exception, every aspect of the Dutch language is retractable in the German text. Her stylistic range is very broad, and she makes sure that every literary work can stand on its own within the German language.

The translation database offers an overview of the translations by Christane Kuby.

Hans Boland (1951, Jakarta, Indonesia) has received his doctorate by specializing on the poetry of Achmatova, which he later translated into Dutch. This december volume 8 of the complete works of Poesjkin will be published, an ambitious project on which Boland has been working for quite a few years now. He also translated work by Lermontov, Garsjin, Dostojesvki and Tolstoj. The jury:

Hans Boland is a very productive translator with exceptional qualities, who has shown an unconditional loyalty towards the literary qualities of the original text by mixing them with brilliant Dutch and a broad knowledge of the background.

The Nijhoff Translation Prize, an award of 35.000 euros, is one of the most prestigious translation awards of the Netherlands. The prize will be awarded on the 14th of March 2015 in Amsterdam. This year the jury members were Ria van Hengel, Wim Honselaar, Cees Koster (president), Jan Kuijper, Linda Pennings and Annelies Schulte Nordholt.

The prize has been awarded since 1955; it received its name in remembrance of Martinus Nijhoff (1894–1953), a Dutch poet, essayist, translator and former board member of the Prince Bernhard Culture Fund.