Writer in Residence Programme 2014

Roderik Six is WIR in Amsterdam

22 Sep-17 November 2014

The Flemish writer Roderik Six will live and work in Amsterdam as a writer-in-residence from September 22nd until November 17th at the invitation of the Dutch Foundation for Literature.

Roderik Six (1979) is a journalist and a columnist for the weekly Flemish literary magazine Knack, a writer of short stories and previously he was a juror for the Gouden Boekenuil, a prestigious Flemish literary award. October 9th Thomas Blondeau (1978–2013) and Roderik Six’ book ‘The Book Doctor’ (De Boekendokter) will be published at De Bezige Bij. During his residency in Amsterdam Roderik Six will work on his second book.

His first novel ‘Flood’ (Vloed, 2012) made a big impression when it first appeared. It was awarded with the Bronzen Uil 2012 and the Literary Prize of the Belgian Province of West-Vlaanderen. The book tells the story of four friends who are suddenly confronted with a flood of biblical proportions. They are stuck on the roof of a student’s house situated on a mountain top and find their escape in excessive drug use.

Roderik Six will present De Boekendokter (The Literary Pharmacy) on Friday October the 24th, 16.30, in Athenaeum Boekhandel. Writer Jamal Ouariachi will interview Six (Dutch spoken).

On Friday October 31st Six will lecture at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam about his work and writing career.

In 2013 Roderik Six was part of a group of authors that took part in the jointly organized (in co-operation with the Flemish Literature Fund and the Taalunie) program ‘Ken je Buren’ (Know Your Neighbours) which links together a Dutch author and a Flemish author who are influenced by and enthusiastic about each others work.


Dutch trailer Vloed (‘Flood’)

Roderik Six talks about his (& Thomas Blondeau’s) book De boekendokter on (Dutch spoken)

Roderik Six talks about one of his favourite novels Gravity’s Rainbow by Thomas Pynchon on (Dutch spoken)

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