Interview with WiR Carrasco

31 July 2014

Jesús Carrasco talks about the overwhelming success of his debut Intemperie (Dutch translation: De vlucht) in a video that Marieke Kessel made during his period as a writer in residency in Amsterdam. During his residence Carrasco worked on his second novel: “it’s an investigation about the relationship between a man and the land. If you take away all the things, everything that sustains him, affections, material goods, safety - then what happens? What remains of the man as a human being?”

In his new novel he wants to investigate these questions in the setting of the Second World War, deportation and captivity. In Amsterdam, at the NIOD for example, he searched for images that helped him gain a better understanding of this period.

The video is English (and a bit of Spanish) spoken with Dutch subtitles.

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