Translation symposium Jesús Carrasco

23 June 2014

On Monday June 23th there is a translation symposium on the novel Intemperie of Jesús Carrasco at the University of Amsterdam, due to Carrasco’s visit to Amsterdam as writer-in-residence. At the symposium, translators from three different countries will present their experiences with translation this novel and will enter into a dialogue with each other. There are several readings as well, also from Jesús Carrasco himself.

The symposium is English and Spanish spoken and the is entrance is free, and starts at 1.30 p.m. Please register at the Dutch Foundation For Literature and send an email to Fleur van Koppen

More information:

  • [Jesús Carrasco as Writer-in-residence][2]


Fleur van Koppen


Fleur van Koppen

Programme officer

[email protected]