Three Dutch debutants going abroad

21 March 2014

Three talented writers, who recently published their first books and received a starters grant of the Dutch Foundation for Literature last year to write a second work, will bring their literature abroad this spring. Patrick Bassant, Annemarie de Gee and Kira Wuck are programmed by international literary festivals in Kiel, Budapest and Zagreb.

Foto: Merlijn Doomernik Annemarie de Gee (1987) travels in April to the International Book Festival Budapest, where the European First Novel Festival will be organized for the fourteenth time. This joined event of 28 EU-countries introduces young and talented authors and takes place from April 24 until April 27. Several short stories of Annemarie de Gee will be translated into English and Hungarian for this occasion. Kamermensen, the prose debut of Annemarie de Gee, was published in 2012 by Atlas Contact.

Foto: Koos Hageraats
Patrick Bassant (1977) is invited, together with his publisher, for the twelfth German edition of the European Festival of the First Novel, which takes place from May 15 until May 18 in Kiel. Debutants from ten European countries will present their novels and take part in debates and workshops. For Patrick Bassant’s performance, several parts of his first novel Joy will be translated into English, German and French. His first novel was published in 2013 by De Wereldbiblitotheek and was nominated for the Bronzen Uil. Bassant studied Dutch Literature in Amsterdam and in Leuven.

Foto: Peter van Tuijl
Poet Kira Wuck (1978) will participate in the ninth edition of the International Festival of Contemporary Poetry in Zagreb, which takes place from May 15 until May 17. This festival invites young European poets to read from their work. A selection of their poems will be translated into English and Croatian and published in a special festival publication. Kira Wuck’s first book of poems is Finse meisjes, published by Podium. The book was awarded the Lucy B. and the C.W. van der Hoogt prize and the Eline van Haaren prize 2013. The book is also nominated for the Jo Peters PoëziePrijs 2014. Kira Wuck has a Finnish mother and an Indonesian father. She studied at the Hogeschool Utrecht and the Writers School in Amsterdam.

Here, Wuck reads a poem from Finse meisjes for the occasion of the Poetry Week 2014.

More information:

  • The Dutch Foundation for Literature offers subsidies to cover travel expenses incurred by Dutch- or Frisian-language authors who participate in literary programs, public events or other activities aimed at promoting their work in translation in other countries. See also: Travel Costs.
  • In 2013, the Dutch Foundation for Literature invested in eight talented debutants by offering them a starting grant of € 10.000. In July 2014, new starting grants will be announced.
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