How do works travel?

Schwob in Paris

22 March 2014

On Saturday, March 22, at 5PM, at the Salon du Livre in Paris (stand P76) the Institut français will host an debate entitled “The Cultural Ambassadors of Europe – How do works travel?”.

Jean Mattern of Gallimard Editions, Philippe Noble, Dutch-to-French translator and series director at Actes Sud, and Andrey Kurkov, Ukrainian author and member of the 2011 Finnegan’s List jury, will speak together about what it is for contemporary texts and classics to “travel” throughout Europe and beyond. The Finnegan’s List project and the European initiative Schwob will be presented to the French and international public, in order to be able to discover some of the greatest works and cult books from around the world.

Alexandra Koch


Alexandra Koch

Team coordinator & Programme officer

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