Poetry International Festival Rotterdam

10 Jun-14 March 2014

The 45th editon of the International Poetry Festival Rotterdam, supported by the Dutch Foundation for Literature, takes place from June 10 until June 14.

The festival offers a stage for poetry as well for the its connections with film, music and visual arts. The poet, the poem and the translation: every year the readings of the festival poets are the heart of the Poetry International Festival Rotterdam. Special programs will highlight everyday well-known poets and outstanding poetry.

In of those specials, the praised poet Jules Deelder will talk with festival directeur Bas Kwakman about his poetry, life and inspiration. In another special, upcoming poetry talents will be awared with the C. Buddingh’ Prize for the best poetry debut of the past year. In addition, there is a program for the translation of poetry as well, just as a Language & Art tour: lots of galleries in Rotterdam who present special work that crosses the lines between language and visual arts.