European Translators Factory

10 Mar-9 May 2014

Amsterdam’s Translator House, part of the Dutch Foundation for Literature, and the foundation Dar Al-Ma’um in Marrakesh, organise the European Vertalersfabriek (‘The European Translators Factory’) Dutch – Arabic – Dutch from March 10th until May 9th this year. The European Vertalersfabriek / La Fabrique européenne des Traducteurs is a three-year program supported by the European Union.

The Vertalersfabriek invites young literary translators Dutch-Arabic and Arabic-Dutch, who are at the beginning of their career and are currently working on a translation project. The candidates will participate in several workshops in Amsterdam (March 10th until April 4th) and Marrakesh (April 7th until May 9th) and will be guided by several experienced translators of both languages.

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Peter Bergsma


Peter Bergsma

Director Amsterdam Translators’ House

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