Writer in Residence Programme 2011

Frank Adam is WIR in Amsterdam

1-31 March 2011

Belgian author Frank Adam writes literary texts for theatre, radio and opera. He published novels, poetry and songs and succeeded to reinvent a slightly forgotten literary genre: the fable.

Adam’s work is philosophical by nature, serious as well as absurd and comical as well as moving. Usually he chooses to combine text with music in his performances. Besides being a writer he is also a performer and a theatre producer so he is used to work along side musicians and composers.

In the past centuries fables were mostly read by and adapted for children. Frank Adam has dusted off this old genre and is working on a series of fables especially written for adults. However, there is still an important role for animal characters as the title of the third volume in the series includes the ear of a donkey: Confidenties aan een ezelsoor. Neither has Adam forgotten the importance of illustrations in this genre (done by Klaas Verplancke). In Amsterdam a new volume of fables will probably see the light. These fables are published by Belgian newspaper De Standaard and theatre the Roode Bioscoop has scheduled a musical performance in March.

Fleur van Koppen


Fleur van Koppen

Programme officer

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