in Libreria Bonardi in Amsterdam

Meet Davide Enia and Manon Smits

18 October 2013

The Libreria Bonardi, an Italian bookstore in Amsterdam, presents a meeting with Palermian writer Davide Enia and his translator Manon Smits on October 18th. Until October 28th, Enia stays in Amsterdam as a Writer in Residence at the invitation of the Dutch Foundation for Literature and the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts.

Davide Enia, a well known playwright in Italy, published a novel debut in 2012: Così in terra (Dalai). The tale about a homeless young boy called Davidù in Sicily during the Second World War was translated in Dutch by Manon Smits as Zo ook op aarde (De Bezige Bij), and was on the shortlists of the Premio Strega and Premio Bancarella in 2012.

During his residency in Amsterdam, Enia will do some research on the Rapshuis, which is the first modern prison in Europe, built in 1595. The meeting with Manon Smits in the Libreria Bonardi was organised in collaboration with the Dutch Foundation for Literature.

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