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Schwob goes online in English

19 September 2013

The English Schwob website is being launched today as part of an ambitious project to find and promote insiders’ tips about modern European literature. Schwob presents modern classics, cult books and must-reads from that have not yet been widely translated, at

The search is supported by a large network of translators, publishing houses, festivals and literature foundations who are suggesting titles and contributing sample translations, background articles and information about how to acquire rights.

Schwob pitches titles to publishers likely to be interested in purchasing translation rights and offers them information about funding. It also brings the published translations to the attention of readers - in cooperation with publishers, magazines, bookstores and libraries. At literary festivals in Marseille, Barcelona, Krakow and Amsterdam, for example, European authors will talk about their favourite Schwob titles.

The project will be presented at Frankfurt Book Fair, at the Weltempfang, on Friday 11 October 2013, at 4pm.

Schwob is a collaboration of literature foundations in Belgium (Flemish), Finland, the Netherlands, Poland, Wales and Catalonia, plus the Société européenne des auteurs (Finnegan’s List). The project is supported by the European Union. The website is available from today in English and Dutch and later this autumn in Catalan, Polish, Finnish and Welsh.

You can contact Schwob at [email protected].


For more information please contact:

  • Alexandra Koch, editor Schwob, at the Dutch Foundation for Literature, tel: 0031 20 520 73 00, [email protected]
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Insiders’ tips about modern European literature

Alexandra Koch


Alexandra Koch

Team coordinator & Programme officer

[email protected]