European Literature Prize for Limonov by Emmanuel Carrère

4 August 2013

The European Literature Prize 2013 goes to Limonov by Emmanuel Carrère, translated by Katelijne De Vuyst and Katrien Vandenberghe. Chairman of the jury Alexander Rinnooy Kan will present the prize to Carrère and his translators in Amsterdam on Saturday 31 August, during Manuscripta

This is the third year in which the European Literature Prize has been awarded to the best novel to appear in Dutch translation over the past year. The previous winners were Alsof het voorbij is (The Sense of an Ending) by Julian Barnes and translator Ronald Vlek, and Drie sterke vrouwen (Three Strong Women) by Marie NDiaye and translator Jeanne Holierhoek. The prize consists of a sum of €10,000 for the author and €2,500 for the translator of the winning book.

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The jury said of Limonov by Emmanuel Carrère and the translation from the French by Katelijne De Vuyst and Katrien Vandenberghe (De Bezige Bij Antwerpen):
‘In Limonov Carrère conveys an original and extremely convincing picture of the Russian writer and semi-revolutionary Eduard Limonov, and within it he paints in glaring colours the despair of present-day Russia. Carrère gets under the skin and into the head of his main character, which gives this work an authentic feel. Limonov is certainly no angel, and Carrère’s style reflects the nervous energy of his life. The translation has verve and captures the tone very well: a fine achievement by both translators.’

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This spring, along with other translators selected for the longlist, Katelijne De Vuyst en Katrien Vandenberghe spoke at Dutch and Flemish bookshops about the translation of ‘their’ selected novel. De Vuyst called translation an ‘enriching occupation, which continually prompts you to explore new horizons, sends you off across the globe in all directions, and enables you to get to know facts and worlds whose existence you may never even have suspected’. The Dutch(!) talks can be read here.

The longlist was chosen by thirteen quality bookshops. The professional jury then selected the shortlist and the winner.

The jury members are:

  • Alexander Rinnooy Kan, chairman; professor of Economics and Business at the University of Amsterdam and an avid reader
  • Kees ’t Hart, writer and literary critic
  • Judith Uyterlinde, writer and literary critic
  • Arno Koek, Boekhandel Blokker, Heemstede
  • Maartje Kroonen, Literaire Boekhandel Lijnmarkt, Utrecht

The European Literature Prize is an initiative of the Academic-Cultural Centre SPUI25, the Dutch Foundation for Literature, the weekly De Groene Amsterdammer and Athenaeum Boekhandel. The following independent bookshops have helped to make it possible:

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