Grants 2021

15 March 2022

The annual report of the Dutch Foundation for Literature gives an overview of all activities and grants in 2021, including temporary Covid-support for both writers and translators to and from Dutch as well as literary organizations within the Netherlands and publishers abroad.

Download the pdf of the annual report 2021 (Dutch).

Pages 62-63 give an overview of all subsidies granted in 2021, both within the Netherlands (to writers, translators, literary magazines, publishers and other literary organizations) and abroad. The following pages give more detailed information about grants awarded within the international field:

  • Translation Grants for Foreign Publishers on pages 82-89 (arranged by genre Graphic novels/Beeldverhaal 82, Fiction/fictie 82, Children’s books and youth literature 84, Non-fiction 87, Poetry/Poëzie 89).
  • Covid support towards accredited literary translators for new sample translations of Dutch or Frisian literature on pages 110-114 (arranged by target language). If you would like to receive any of these sample translations please contact our international team.
  • Travel Costs for promotional visits (in Dutch: Reiskosten buitenland: promotiereizen) both online and live on pages 90-91. This includes the so-called ‘gastschrijver’ program for Dutch students worldwide in both primary, secondary and higher education. More information on this program may be found on the website of the Taalunie.
  • The Amsterdam Translator’s House was closed for renovation in 2021 but did organize a number of workshops for translators, both online and live: see page 120.
  • An overview of our Amsterdam Residency for international authors published in Dutch may be found on page 67 or on this website on the page Residency for Writers in Amsterdam

An overview of translations of Dutch and Frisian literature worldwide, both published and in preparation, both subsidized by our Foundation and not, may be found in our Translations Database.

An overview of accredited translators of Dutch literature in all genres may be found on the websites of our colleagues Flanders Litertaure.