Advance notice

Appreciation survey

6 March 2023

Once every four years the Dutch Foundation for Literature asks an independent agency to find out what ‘users of the Foundation’, both abroad and within the Netherlands think of the policies, communication and service of the Dutch Foundation. In March many international publishing houses and translators of Dutch literature will receive an invitation for this online survey from research agency BMC.

The survey includes questions about the provision of information, communication, Translation Grants, major literary events (such as the New Dutch Writing campaign in the UK and Ireland) and other programs of the Dutch Foundation for Literature. All questions focus on the two recent years, 2021 and 2022.

The questionnaire will take ten minutes to complete. The anonymity of all respondents is guaranteed as the independent research agency, BMC, will process the answers at an aggregated level (so that they will not be traceable to you personally).

We’d very much appreciate your feedback.

The Dutch Foundation for Literature will use the report to evaluate its work and services. Additionally, the survey results will play an important role in the evaluation of the six public national cultural funds (Dutch Foundation for Literature, Fund for Cultural Participation, Performing Arts Fund NL, Mondriaan Fund, Dutch Film Fund, and Creative Industries Fund NL) in the autumn of 2023.