Crossing Border Festival, The Hague

The Chronicles

2-5 November 2022

The Chronicles is Crossing Border Festival’s annual residency project for talented authors and translators. During the festival, from thursday 3 to saturday 5 November, the writers will be writing live about their insights and experiences. At the same time, translators will get to work and offer the audience an almost immediate translation. These translators are at the start of their literary careers and will showcase that they can translate high-quality literary texts in no time.

This year’s participating authors are: Mauk Westerman Holdijk (NL), Hanan Faour (NL), Fríða Ísberg (IS), Anne Louïse van den Dool (NL) and Sheena Patel (UK).

This year’s participating translators are: Bo-Elise Brummelkamp (NL/UK), Hannalore Daudeij (NL), Irene de la Torre Perelló (ES), Laura Molenaar (NL) and Sofiane Boussahel (FR).

The authors will write one festival story prior to the festival, three during the festival (3-4-5 Nov.) and a final festival story will conclude their journey after the festival has ended. All stories will have a relation to the Crossing Border festival.

On saturday 5 November, the Dutch authors and translators of The Chronicles will perform live during the Crossing Border Festival. They will be questioned about their books, their debuts, translating, the literary world and this year’s collaborations. Moderator: Jelko Arts.

The program is linked to a masterclass in literary translation, supported by the Dutch Foundation for Literature and the Vertalershuis, with the Master in Literary Translation from Utrecht University and the Master in Translation from KU Leuven as partners.

You can find more information and tickets on the website of Crossing Border.