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Kopje Koffie #10: Lize Spit

10 August 2022

Starring in the ninth episode of Kopje Koffie, the German book podcast about Dutch literature: Flemish writer Lize Spit talks to Katharina Borchardt and Bettina Baltschev about her book Ik ben er niet (I’m not there), published by Das Mag in 2020. In July of 2022, the book was published in German by S. Fischer, under the title Ich bin nicht da, translated by Helga van Beuningen.

Ik ben er niet tells the story of Leo and Simon, a couple who have been living together for ten years and master the ups and downs of life in symbiotic togetherness. When Simon comes home one night completely overwhelmed, fixated on a new career idea that he is obsessively working on and eventually quits his well-paid job at a well-known graphics agency, Leo is faced with new challenges in this relationship. From her perspective it is described how Simon changes more and more, becomes paranoid and develops delusions. When terrible things finally happen and it is no longer possible to keep the mental illness of her great love secret from the outside world, Leo has to act.

In the conversation, Lize Spit talks about her personal motivations for writing Ik ben er niet, her writing process and her relationship with cappuccino.

Ik ben er niet is translated into Danish and German. Italian and French translations are in preparation. More information can be found in the Translation database.

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