With performances of K. Michel, Radna Fabias en P.C. Evans

StAnza Poetry Festival

12 March 2022

On March 12, three Dutch poets will participate at the StAnza Poetry Festival, a annual international poetry festival in St. Andrews, Scotland. The event, called Beachcombers on the North Sea, will feature readings and translations from Radna Fabias, K. Michel en P.C. Evans. The event is supported by the Dutch Foundation for Literature.

Beachcombers on the North Sea is an event celebrating newly translated poetry from the Netherlands, involving poets who tell stories in fascinating and diverse ways. P. C. Evans’s anthology Grand Larcenies offers ‘translations and imitations’ of ten Dutch poets. He’s joined by K. Michel, whose poem sequences tell stories via a collaging effect, by turns philosophical, comical and absurd. Completing the line-up is Radna Fabias, an Antillean-Dutch poet, whose debut collection, Habitus, is translated into English by David Colmer. Fabias’s montage style captures life on Curaçao, facing away from the self and stylistically echoing the mood of the American Beats.

Practical information

  • Date and time: Saturday, March 12, from 4.15 P.M. till 5.15 PM;
  • Location: Parliament Hall, 66 South Street, KY16 9QW, St. Andrew
  • More information about the ticket sales can be found on the website of StAnza Poetry Festival.