Questionnaire on the use of the Translation Database

1 February 2022

Hungarian researcher Krisztina Gracza is doing an internship at the Department International. As part of her dissertation, which she is preparing at ELTE University in Budapest, she is doing research into the Dutch Foundation for Literature’s Translation Database ( for which Marlies Hoff (Library and Documentation) is responsible.

With this research she wants to gain a better understanding of who uses the Translation Database as well as how often and for what purpose is it used outside the Fund. To measure this, she has compiled a questionnaire. The answers to the questionnaire will be processed anonymously. However, Krisztina wants to identify the possible difference per organisation/institution/profession. This information is only used for the research and cannot be traced back (to respondents).

The questionnaire will be open from 1 to 20 February and it will only take a few minutes to complete. Krisztina would be very grateful for your help with her research. If you want to contact her, please use this address:

The information in the Translation Database is constantly updated from many sources. Your additions are also welcome. You can always e-mail them to Marlies Hoff: Your additions or corrections will be processed as soon as possible.