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Kopje Koffie #5: Marente de Moor

10 January 2022

In the fifth episode of the German book podcast about Dutch literature, writer Marente de Moor takes a seat with Bettina Baltschev about the recent translation of her novel Foon. The book was published in the autumn of 2021 under the German title Phon by Hanser Literaturverlage, in a translation by Bettina Bach.


Zoologists couple Nadja and Lev live together in the vast forests of Russia. A mysterious sound makes the relations between the couple come into focus. In the conversation with Bach, De Moor talks about how she came up with the idea for this psychological novel, about her personal relationship with Russia, where she lived and worked for a long time, and the various motifs in the story.

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Kopje Koffie (Cup of Coffee) podcast

The Dutch Embassy in Berlin and the Dutch Foundation for Literature produce in cooperation with Flanders Literature and the General Representation of the Government of Flanders the Kopje Koffie (‘Cup of Coffee’) podcast, aimed at German readers and listeners. Dutch writers with a new translation in German are invited to talk about their work.

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