Dutch-Flamish book podcast

‘Kopje Koffie’ #4 with Herman Koch

24 November 2021

After Arnon Grünberg, Judith Fanto and Charlotte Van den Broeck, Herman Koch is a guest in Kopje Koffie, the German book podcast about Dutch and Flemish literature. Koch will discuss the German translation of his book Finse dagen (Finnische Tage, published by KiWi, translated by Christiane Kuby and Herbert Post) with Bettina Baltschev.

Finse dagen

In Finse dagen (Finnish Days), published in January 2020 by Ambo|Anthos, Herman Koch talks about his time as a nineteen-year-old in the deserted forests of Finland. He also speaks about this period in the conversation with Baltschev. What role did his stay in Finland play in his later life, and in his writing? And: are the Finns really that addicted to coffee?

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Kopje Koffie (Cup of Coffee) podcast

The Dutch Embassy in Berlin and the Dutch Foundation for Literature produce in cooperation with Flanders Literature and the General Representation of the Government of Flanders the Kopje Koffie (‘Cup of Coffee’) podcast, aimed at German readers and listeners. Dutch writers with a new translation in German are invited to talk about their work.

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