Brockway Prize ceremony at Poetry International Festival in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. In 2013 the Prize will be awarded to a translator of Dutch poetry into English.

The Brockway Prize is a biannual award for complete works for translators of poetry from the Dutch. A different goal language or field of goal languages is considered each edition. Previous laureates were Francis R. Jones (English; 2005), Gregor Seferens (German; 2007), Jan H. Mysjkin & Pierre Gallissaires (French; 2009) and Francisco Carrasquer Launed (Spanish; 2011).

This year a jury, consisting of four experts (Jan Baeke, Alexandra Dugdale, Maarten Elzinga and Peter Bergsma), will grant the award to a translator of poetry into English. The Brockway Prize consist of € 5.000,- and will be awarded on Friday June 14, during the Poetry International Festival in Rotterdam.

Peter Bergsma


Peter Bergsma

Director Amsterdam Translators’ House

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