Brockway Workshop for translators of poetry

11-14 June 2013

Brockway Workshop for international poetry translators at Poetry International Festival in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. In 2013 the workshop will focus on English translations of the work of Dutch poet Mustafa Stitou, who also participates in the Poetry International Festival.

The Brockway Workshop is a biannual workshop from international translators of Dutch poetry. Each edition is dedicated to a different goal language, which in 2005 was the English language, followed by German (2007), French (2009) and Spanish (2011). In 2013 the goal language will once again be English.

The translators work on poetry of a reputed Dutch poet: Gerrit Kouwenaar in 2005, Anneke Brassinga in 2007, Nachoem M. Wijnberg in 2009, Armando in 2011 and Mustafa Stitou in 2013. This year’s fifth Brockway Workshop takes place from Tuesday 11 June until Friday 14 June. The translators will translate poems by Mustafa Stitou into English.

The results of the workshop will be shared with the public on Friday 14 June, during a conference of translators at the Poetry International Festival in Rotterdam. The workshop also aims at publication of the results in a literary review in the language concerned.

The results of 2005 were published in the English review Modern Poetry in Translation; those of 2007 found a place in Schreibheft (Germany), those of 2009 were published in both Septentrion (Belgium) and Action Poétique (France) and those of 2011 in Sibila (Spain).

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Thomas Möhlmann

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